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Agriturismo Roccamaia
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The culinary specialities offered by Roccamaia are dedicated to the traditions passed down through generations in the region. Here each dish celebrates the flavours of the past, reimagined with modern flair.  
The starter is composed of:
- A charcuterie plate with local meats and cheeses,
- Bruschetta,
- Ricotta with Millefiori honey and walnuts,
- Mushroom salad,
- Zuppa di Legumi (a hearty country bean soup) or Coratella di Agnello (a rich pan sautéed stew of lamb offal).
Tagliatelle, pappardelle, stringozzi and gnocchi are all  hand-made the same way now as they have been for generations before.
We recommend you to try "Gnocchi della Rocca" and tagliatelle with chestnut flour, house specialties you will only find at Roccamaia!  
Our second courses highlight meat prepared from the animals raised on our farm. Our particular specialties include grilled sliced steak of beef, grilled pork chops and sausages, lamb, roast chicken, rabbit chasseur and stuffed pigeon.
One dish that is a must-try is our boar meat. Boars inhabit the areas surrounding Sibillini Park and are an integral component of the regional cuisine. At Roccamaia we prepare boar in several ways. You can try our salmi, a traditional boar meat stew, or enjoy our other offerings, such as boar with apples or boar with mushrooms.
Accompanying your main course are side dishes such as salads, roast potatoes, sautéed country herbs, tomatoes and vegetables au gratin, all using fruits and vegetables directly sourced from our vegetable gardens.
* Menu is subject to variations related to the season and the availability of the raw materials.

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